The moment of truth has come.
And the first steps of the project began on the ground, with 20 palm trees in homes and 300 palm trees in farms on the outskirts of Baghdad.
This year is considered the initial and the Soft opening of the work of Nakhla in the Iraqi markets, and it was very important to increase the community awareness of the project and to introduce the people to our services, and the professionalism of the work among the staff.

One of the most important promotional methods we used to increase the social awareness among the people to increase their knowledge about the palm trees and to tell the story of how the palm tree is important and is by making a campaign from the palm tree to the house owners, that campaign was named ” letter from Nakhla”.

each Nakhla sent a message to her owners telling them that she is a part of the family and has been for a lifetime. and she is a soul that belongs to the house and deserves caring.