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As a result of our realization of the importance of palm trees and our desire to return the Iraqi palm and dates to the peek at the local and global rate of palm numbers and amount of dates produced and exported to the world, the idea of ​​the project was born in (2016) and the team continued to search and investigate for the solutions to this issue, to be the actually launched in (2018).

As the company seeks through its work to return Iraq to the first place in the world in the production of dates and saturate the Iraqi market of its dates in addition to recycling all palm waste and converting it into raw materials used in the industrial sector.  And all this is being done through massive team efforts to increase the citizen’s environmental awareness.


June 2016

The Idea

Since ancient times, Iraq has been called by the name Mesopotamia or the land of Blackness, due to the riches found on its land, The name of  "the land of

June 2017

January 2018

January 2019

Scaling Up

After the success achieved by the project in developing its services during the experimental year, it is now time for development and progress in work through the expansion of the

May 2019

April 2020

Katerva Award

The Katerva Award is an international award that thousands of startups apply for each year , The Katerva Awards are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. Through them, the best ideas

December 2020

January 2021

Our Family

Our Team contains so many secret Soldiers, here we are introducing you to the core team of Nakhla.

Labeeb Fatih Kashif Al-Gitta

Founder & CEO

Bachelor’s Degree in law

Rawan Al-Zaidi

Deputy CEO

Bachelor of Applied Chemistry
Diploma in Health and Clinical Chemistry / University of Leeds, UK

Muhammed Khudhair

Operations Manager

Bachelor of Science and Agricultural Engineering

Tahajud Raed

Administrative Assistant

Bachelor of Informatics Engineering

Teba Ali

Human Resource Manager

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Hussein Emad


Mechanical Engineering Student

Rana Ahmed

Office Manager

Environmental Engineering Student

Al-Farooq Abed Jasim

Mosul Branch Supervisor

Bachelor of Accounting | University of Mosul

Al-Abbas Abdulrazzaq Abdullah

Business Developer

Bachelor of Business Administration

Ali Fadhil Lazim


Bachelor of Accounting

Sajad Ahmed Saleem

Procurement Manager & Warehouse Keeper

Computer Engineering Student

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Phone: 07722226083
Email: info@nakhla-corp.com

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Baghdad, Al-Mansour

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