Palm care

Intended for homeowners who have palms on their property

Al-Nakhla Company provides a full year-round care service for the palms in their properties, including all the operations needed by the palms, “cultivation, pollination, devotion, quantification, control, fertilization and harvesting”, in addition to providing additional services to the owner of the palm, including

  • Providing the homeowner with the convenience of follow-up and security.
  • Leave the home garden or palm area clean after each operation.
  • Our annual subscriptions are less than the average annual cost of a single palm compared to the normal ascent
  • The percentage of homeowners comes from the dates that come from their palms, cleaned and packed in a modern and very clean way

Farm Care

Dedicated to palm growers in three main ways:

  • Palm Inclusion: This service is done by renting out the entire farm from its owner for a certain amount of cash annually and carrying out all the operations that need to take care of the palms for a full year, from the first process of “cultivation” to the last process of “harvesting” to produce healthy and organic dates at the end of the season, and the company’s share will be 100% of these dates.
  • Financial support for the end user: This is for low-income farmers and farm owners where we provide them with the equipment they need to take care of their farms and their palms and at the end of the season we buy dates from them at a low price.
  • Palm investment: This service is provided by the farm owner who invests capital in caring for his palms, who will achieve returns and net profit at the end of the season, to be divided between the company and the farm owner in the percentage that has been agreed upon.

B2B services

That is divided into two main categories:

  • Ikfil Al-Nakhla campaign: Al-Nakhla company provides you with an innovative way to influence the environment in a positive impact and revive the Iraqi culture and heritage represented by the palm trees located in the streets and archaeological places through a guarantee for this palm with numbers and spaces that suit you for a whole year with the possibility of attaching a billboard in each hand indicating that this palm has been sponsored by you and you can put your addition or a logo (the slogans of the Municipality of Baghdad and Al-Nakhla company are necessary in each billboard) and the billboard is clearly visible to both passers-by on the road as well as to residents of neighboring areas.
  • Residency compounds: where we offer to plant, care and maintain the palm trees inside the compound.


1. Dates:

  • The half matured (Ratab).
  • Different kinds of dates: which are divided into:
    • Large size stuffed dates (½ Kg Package)
    • Medium size dates (Normal dates)  (1 Kg Package)
    • Al-Nakhla date sweets  (½ Kg Package)
  • Al-Zahdi date (5 or 10 Kg Packages) available for local and global markets.

2. Date Molasses: Coming Soon

3. Date Vinegar: Coming Soon

4. Organic Fertilizer: Coming Soon

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