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The process of removing green fronds, weaving, and frond bases (sizing) is called pruning operations. The pruning is considered one of the important service operations, as the dry fronds are removed when the palm frond is new and more capable of metabolism, and it is also easier for the worker to reach the female inflorescences to perform the operations of serving the palm head (such as pollination, slippers, trekis, gagging) and the impregnation process includes removing thorns from the leaves And cut the distress and remove the fibers from around the stem of the palm. It is preferable for pruning to be limited to removing the dry fronds only while keeping the stems close to the green fronds to protect the palm head.

The goals of the pruning process

  • Get rid of dry fronds, especially those infected with scale insects, as they are collected and burned.
  • Extracting the thorns from the base of the fronds in order to make it easier for the worker to perform the operations of serving the palm head
  • Improving lighting and reducing humidity around the sprouts, which helps reduce diseases, improve the quality of fruits, and accelerate their ripening.
  • Benefiting from pruning residues in some industries.
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One of the characteristics of the date palm is that the male and female flowers are not found on the same tree, so it is necessary for the farmer to intervene in a timely manner to transfer pollen grains from the male palm to the feminine, where fertilization and fruit formation takes place. The pollination process is considered one of the most basic processes to obtain abundant production, as the results of natural pollination are often very weak.


The appropriate date for pollination of date palms varies according to the varieties and climatic conditions, and this period usually ranges from March to late May.

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Bending and Packaging

And two of the operations that take place on top of the palm

1- curving (curvature):

Bending is one of the operations The process of curving or flattening is summarized in pulling the arajin from placing it between the fronds, dangling them and distributing them on the top of the palm regularly, provided that this is done before the sticks harden so that they do not break. The reasons for carrying out this operation is that as the lizard grows, its weight increases and its date is stretched or intertwined with the wicker and fronds.

If it is left alone, the crop will not be easily harvested. Therefore, the curving process prevents the fruit-bearing from getting entangled with the wicker and leaf, and facilitates the harvesting of the fruits, and prevents the limp from breaking if it increases its weight.

The date of the curving process:

The bending process takes place in the month of June for the early varieties and in July for the later varieties, that is, about (6-8) weeks after the decade, and it can be performed during the al-Arjen loosening process to save time and effort, and in general the process must be performed before it becomes stiff, so as not to break when bending.


2- Packaging (cover bunches):

The gag is intended to cover the fruitful branches with special covers that protect and preserve them from weather conditions and pests, and this process is considered one of the operations that date palm growers have undertaken since ancient times due to its importance in preserving the palm fronds from insects, diseases, and birds in addition to dust and bad weather in some cases. The bending and packaging operations normally take place from mid-May to late June.

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The Harvest

The means for harvesting palm fruits and treating them after harvest differ with the different varieties and quality of the fruits produced, and the moisture content of the different types of fruits is the most important factor for determining how the different fruits are preserved without causing damage that leads to their unfit for human consumption.
The time for the harvesting process differs by the type of the palm tree and the way the weather is during the season from late august to late November .

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Fertilization and disease control

These are additional operations provided by the Palm Project during the whole season of the date palm, through which it supplies the palm with the best types of organic and chemical fertilizers according to the palm’s need, in addition to combating it from all diseases and agricultural pests with the best types of treatments and medicines used.

These operations are either with the vaccination season or with the season of Curving and packaging the Palm.

The time for the harvesting process differs by the type of the palm tree and the way the weather is during the season from late august to late November .

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