Why work with us?

Nakhla started employing in 2018 to provide integrated services in caring for our registered palm trees in terms of timing, use of human resources, raw materials and mechanisms that each palm needs, as well as sufficient knowledge to develop our services and products.

At Nakhla, we aim to hire people that are passionate about learning and developing their personal and professional skills we also help aiding these skills. We have a working environment that cares about productivity, skills of our employees and their magnificent achievements that lead us to success, our success is driven by our team’s professionalism and experiences.

Nakhla cares about the women forces inside our teams, by employing about 50% of the administrative team of women and about 30% of the operation teams as well.

We provide women with healthy, safe environment where they can expand their horizon of creativity and skills without the fear of facing any unfortunate incidents, like unfair gender preference regarding payrolls or handling managerial positions.

We are looking for people to join our team and be part of our journey to provide the best service for our beloved palm trees and help with taking action to improve the environment in Iraq.


Benefits of working at Al-Nakhla

At Al-Nakhla, we provide support and care to each other, we work for one goal as one team in a healthy environment, helping and supporting each other to achieve our mission.

Your journey for personal and professional development starts and grows at Al-Nakhla, and our journey of saving our planet starts with you.

That’s why our careers are the best self-investment you’ll make.

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This position is responsible for completing the stages of palm care, he must have the knowledge and familiarity with all operations and procedures of pruning, pollination, bending and packaging, control, fertilization and disease control and harvest.

  • Carrying out works of fertilization and control of palm trees, according to the company’s work procedures. 
  • Carrying out pollination work for palm trees within the specified period.
  • Carrying out bending and packaging works for palm trees.
  • Carrying out harvest work according to the plan set by the company.
  • Compliance with the laws and work terms set by the company.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in palm cultivation.
  • Knowledge of the use of machines used to climb palm trees.

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