After the success achieved by the project in developing its services during the experimental year, it is now time for development and progress in work through the expansion of the number of customers and workplaces in addition to increasing the awareness campaigns of the project and after the number was approximately 20 palm trees only in the experimental year, we were able to increase it by 120 % And the inclusion of more than 120 palm trees within the year of the 2019 season.
As it included almost all areas and cities of Baghdad from the city center to the suburbs.
In addition to the project’s participation in more than one entrepreneurship competition, the most prominent of which was the Iraq Pioneers competition, where the project won third place out of more than 3,000 projects and within the community service category.
In addition to that, promotional campaigns and television and radio interviews had a wide role in the spread of the project within the Iraqi street and reaching government institutions as well.