Since its establishment in 2018, THE STATION CO-WORKING SPACE  has been supporting and all the entrepreneurial projects it embraces inside its co-working space, by providing a workspace and creating a pleasant atmosphere and cooperation between the projects, as the station is the first entrepreneurial project to provides CO-Working spaces in Baghdad and many other services that help the entrepreneurs to start and grow their business successfully …

The station had a very effective role in the process of Nakhla’s success, as it was the first supporter to Nakhla since day one we stepped a foot inside the CO-Working place in march 2018, as one of the first projects inside the institution, not only but also the first emerging project specialized in agriculture. Nakhla joined the station family in 2018 on the first of March, and the station was encouraging and supporting our team and believing in our mission and the lofty goals that it seeks to achieve.

as the support provided to Nakhla is based on several levels, including the field of work, creating an appropriate work environment, public relations, customers … etc.

Nakhla has been proofing itself since its inception in the station that it deserves the efficiency and distinction that was granted to it by the station.

as Nakhla participated in many collaborations with emerging projects located within the co-working space and Nakhla had a good impression on everyone, as we welcomed all new projects and offered them a helping hand. ..
Through the station, Nakhla participated in several grants and competitions, and our name was mentioned in many forums and conferences held inside and outside the station,
The station was like a starting point and a base point for every entrepreneurial project, and it has always been known for embracing the creative minds of youth. The relationship of Nakhla with the station is close, as the station has taken care of Nakhla since it was a palm tree and by its efforts, we reap the fruits of success together.