2020 was a tough year for the entire universe, yet Nakhla was able to make a huge accomplishments in this year.

we were able to scale our number of subscriptions for the palm trees from 120 palms to more than 2200 palm trees in two Governerates, Baghdad and Diwanyiah !

we were able to make contracts with the Central Bank of Iraq, Iraqi Private Bank ,League Baghdad and Diwanyiah Municipality .

participate in reducing the unemployment rate by hiring more than 50 people working in the project.

Having some VIP clients like the Former Governer of the CBI subscribing his home palms with Nakhla and also some public iraqi figures like Zahraa’ Gandour , the Iraqi actress.

in addition to participating in some local and international awards.

in conclusion you can say that even though we faced the same difficulties the world faced through 2020, Nakhla Survived it Successfully!