What did we do to the house palms during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Season of 2019-2020 twenty has started, and the pandemic arrived!

Despite the damage inflicted on the whole world due to the occurrence of the Corona pandemic and the change in the way people live together, Nakhla project was able to provide all the services required to provide to homeowners and their palms and to provide integrated and professional care at work.
The operation was completed smoothly, although we did face some difficulties during the vaccination operations due to the quarantine and the obligatory home attendance, we were able to overcome them and obtain all the security and health approvals necessary to complete our work in an integrated manner.
And when the time came for the curving and covering of the palm trees, things had become easier and smoother at work in terms of the public health of the country, as we completed all the operations of curving, covering, and harvesting with high professionalism. Thus, Nakhla had successfully completed the 2020 home season.