The Future is Nakhla


New Season, New opportunities, and new Targets we are aiming to reach. We at Nakhla are hoping and aiming to include all the palm trees of Iraq in our specialized caring services, Starting from Baghdad and moving towards all the other Governorates of our beloved Country. Our Team is our Family, and we are so

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2020 Survival Journey


2020 was a tough year for the entire universe, yet Nakhla was able to make a huge accomplishments in this year. we were able to scale our number of subscriptions for the palm trees from 120 palms to more than 2200 palm trees in two Governerates, Baghdad and Diwanyiah ! we were able to make

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Katerva Award


The Katerva Award is an international award that thousands of startups apply for each year , The Katerva Awards are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. Through them, the best ideas on the planet are identified, refined, and accelerated toward impact at a global level. The mission of Katerva is to find, evaluate and accelerate disruptive

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Roaad Al-Iraq \ Iraq Pioneers reward


Iraq Poineers award is the first competition & empowerment platform for entrepreneurs in Iraq. in 2019 more than 3000 start-ups applied for this award , among three main categories ; Scale up, Idea and Social Services! Nakhla applied as part of the social services category and managed to go through a series of interviews and

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Scaling Up


After the success achieved by the project in developing its services during the experimental year, it is now time for development and progress in work through the expansion of the number of customers and workplaces in addition to increasing the awareness campaigns of the project and after the number was approximately 20 palm trees only

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Moment of Truth


The moment of truth has come. And the first steps of the project began on the ground, with 20 palm trees in homes and 300 palm trees in farms on the outskirts of Baghdad. This year is considered the initial and the Soft opening of the work of Nakhla in the Iraqi markets, and it

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The Prototype, Market Study and Soft opening


After the idea crystallized and its features became clearer to us, we proceeded to present it within the "innovation for development" of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), to take all the basic and necessary training to know how to conduct a real feasibility study for the project and the mechanism for conducting market studies

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The Idea


Since ancient times, Iraq has been called by the name Mesopotamia or the land of Blackness, due to the riches found on its land, The name of  "the land of blackness" is due to several stories, perhaps the most prominent of which is the existence of palm trees in its land to the extent that

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