House Palms are being cared for .


What did we do to the house palms during the Covid-19 pandemic? The Season of 2019-2020 twenty has started, and the pandemic arrived! Despite the damage inflicted on the whole world due to the occurrence of the Corona pandemic and the change in the way people live together, Nakhla project was able to

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Diwaniyah is our responsibility too!


The name Diwaniyah appeared, and its reputation spread and was mentioned many times in the seventh decade of the twelfth century AH. It was mentioned by Western and Eastern writers and tourists and the first to describe it is "Dr. Adam Ives" in his journey, which began in 1754 AD and ended in 1758

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NAKHLA AND Artificial Intelligence TECHNOLOGY !


Can a palm tree develop  AI services? During our previous years of work in the governorate of Baghdad, the work team noticed some things that must be taken into consideration in terms of palm care, as it was previously known that each governorate has its timings for the ripening of the fruits in

NAKHLA AND Artificial Intelligence TECHNOLOGY !2021-02-13T15:59:18+03:00